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Share your fundraising idea with us! By filling out our form, you have the power to set your goals, specify your location and determine the duration of your event. We're here to support and assist you every step of the way. Together, we can bring joy and make lasting memories for those adults facing terminal illnesses.

Whether it's a quirky community event, a daring personal challenge, or a virtual gathering, we are open to every innovative concept you bring to the table. Your dedication and funds raised will helps our mission to grant more Wishes every year. 

Thank you for choosing to make a meaningful impact for us at Bucket List Wishes to grant Wishes to make lasting memories.

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Why Fundraise For Us?

Our mission goes beyond the ordinary, transforming Wish lists into positive actions and bringing joy to individuals facing terminal illnesses. Your efforts contribute to creating lasting moments and happiness,  in what can be the hardest of times.

Founded in memory of ‘Jean Evelyn Vaughan’, our charity allows you to help us and be part of a personal journey, creating a lasting legacy of joy and meaningful experiences.

Operating on the strength of volunteers and contributors, we foster a community-driven effort to fulfil dreams and support those facing a terminal illness and their loved ones.
Your fundraising actively participates in providing opportunities for individuals to fulfil their last Wishes whilst leaving behind a memory to always be treasured.

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Ready to make a difference? Your journey of making a meaningful impact begins here. Whether it's a creative initiative, a community event, or a personal challenge, company partnership, choosing us as your charity to support with your business for the year, your dedication can bring joy to those facing a terminal illness. 

Need assistance or have questions? Just contact us.

Together, we can grant Wishes to make lasting cherished memories. 

Every idea, no matter how big or small, contributes to the Wishes we fully fund and organise.

Whether you want more information on how to apply for a Wish, if you wish to support our Bucket List Wishes Charity through fundraising efforts, or are interested in making a donation to help us grant Wishes for more adults, we welcome your involvement. 

We are a UK registered charity based in Berkshire, who currently grant Wishes in around the area.

Feel free to reach out to us using the contact details provided below. 

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